Me and my daughter Bella

     My name is Aimee, born and raised in the Philippines, was a single mom to her lovely daughter named “Bella” for 6 years before she got married and moved to Illinois, USA. A graduate of BS Computer Engineering and was a successful Software Engineer for more than 10 years in two of the leading IT companies in the Philippines (and worldwide as well).

     You’re probably wondering how I came to be in the field of fashion designing, read on for my short story.

     I can say that I’m a simple woman, with a simple fashion. Just happy wearing a plain top and bottom or a plain casual dress but of course made from high quality fabrics. I see more sophistication in those plain or solid colors. Color blocked casual dresses also attract me. However, there was a period that I came to notice that it’s hard to find same style (though I don’t expect it to be exactly the same) and quality of clothes that I love to wear. What I can find in the market are mostly printed and if I found one, it is poorly made, not my size and not fancy looking. This dilemma came to my senses that made me decide to make my own clothing collections. I’ve realized that this passion is something that I inherited from my late mom, who designed and made most of my dresses and sewed all my school uniforms when I was a lot younger.

     So after more than 10 years in the field of Software Engineering, in April 2013, along with other personal reasons, I quit my well-paying job to pursue my passion in designing casual-chic clothing. Using this God-given talent, blended with my Engineering skills and trainings over the course of time, I am deeply grateful to have had developed expertise in this new field that I have chosen.

Like you, I’m but an ordinary woman with a desire to look attractive.

     I have also realized that the most meaning I can give in this field is to help other women in different sizes and shapes find their best look by providing them a stylish and fancy wear that are well crafted with quality fabrics.

     When I started Bella Collection in September 2013, I began to see women from petite to plus size delighted once they tried to fit my clothes and look at the mirror, and how good are the feedback they received once they went on wearing it to work or to other occasions.


     I hope you will find Bella Collection clothing a fashion ensemble that you will definitely have in your closet.

I believe. . .

“every woman should showcase how great she can look and discover the magic of what it can do to her life.“     

     Why named Bella Collection? “Bella” is an Italian word which means “beautiful”. However, it is more than just a translation to me, it is inspired by the love and beauty of my daughter – Bella.

“The idea of the power of beauty is not hidden, with that every woman should strive to look their best with enthusiasm.”

To your fashion awareness and head-turning appearance,

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Aimee Wood

Fashion Designer/Author/Founder, Bella Collection

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